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Vehicle description

For sale here is a rather unique Jaguar E Type V12 2+2. Finished in Jaguar Willow Green with Olive Green interior. Original numbers matching UK car with automatic transmission and chrome wire wheels. Supplied new by Henlys London on the 5th May 1971 to a Mr. T Bush. This is the E Type Jaguar would have made had it not been for the USA fuel/safety measures that saw the demise of the E Type and many other sports cars of that era. The V12 had been somewhat strangled of performance, reliability, and silky smoothness by the fitting of the 4 Stromberg carburettors that so many manufactures were using then to meet the smog/emissions of the day. The E Type finished in 1975 and was replaced by the XJS using the same 5.3 litre V12 but with fuel injection, much more suited to the superb V12. This may not be the car for the purist but certainly one to consider for reliability, smoothness, and easy easy starting from cold. In 2005 the car was booked into marque specialists, David Marks of Nottingham. There it was subjected to a complete engine overhaul and the fitment of XJS? fuel injection mounted to its original engine, the conversion has been carried out regardless of cost and to a very high standard, even to making notes of where the fuel inj. ECU is mounted, the wiring diagram for the same, lists of all parts such as part numbers for fuel filters, air filters, pumps etc. We have all the receipts and a CD of the work carried out, the mileage then was 9,608 miles the car now shows 13, 700 so only around 4,000 miles ago. The cost of this work was substantial to say the least at £11,249. The car has obviously been very well cared for by its previous owners, substantiated by the plethora of invoices, receipts etc we have for the car including for a full re paint and interior etc. After driving the car this weekend it really does perform well, starts first time from cold, no hesitation or tinkering with the choke, smooth all the way through the range, brakes, suspension etc all perform as they should. Interior is superb, paint is good but not without a few age related marks and blemishes.